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Add the perfect touch to your special occasion.

Let Knight Rider Limousine be your designated driver!


Looking for a home or apartment to rent?

Check out Lotts Properties for availability of quality homes and apartments in the St. Paul, MN and Chippewa Falls and Cadott, WI areas.


The cost of a web site can be pretty outrageous. When you want to add or delete information on the site, you need to call the programmer, explain what needs to be changed and then wait and wait for the changes to happen.

WidgetWeb is a revolutionary new technology, created by Aerial Giant, which allows small businesses to design, build and maintain their own website.

You can log on to your site and make changes as often as you like. It takes less than a minute to make most changes and the site is still visible to customers while you update the site. If there is a typo, you can correct it. If you just don’t like the way the page looks, you can change the way it looks. Adding new images or updating old ones is done with only a few clicks of the mouse.



Knight Rider Consulting, Inc. is a small custom software development and computer consulting company located in central Wisconsin.

They specialize in helping businesses become more efficient, by developing more effective and consistent workflows, allowing them to reduce expenses and increase revenue.