Used Oil Drop Off Site



You need to dispose of your used oil safely and legally and we want it.

Simply put the used oil in a clean plastic container and bring it to us or we can come to you if you have a large amount and pump it for you.

We will help you unload the oil and you will be on your way.

Call 715-289-3434 to find out drop-off times.

U.S. EPA ID:  WIR0001133538


Used Oil Prices

Oil prices fluctuate with market.  Please call for currant pricing.

1-5 gallons No payment
6-15 gallons $0.30 per gallon
16-30 gallons $0.50 per gallon
31-50 gallons $0.75 per gallon
51 + gallons $1.00 per gallon


Recycling your used motor oil is easy.

  1. Do not spill any oil on the ground.
  2. Put your used motor oil in a clean plastic container with a tight lid. Never store used oil in a container that once held chemicals, food, or beverages.
  3. Do not mix the oil with anything else, such as antifreeze, solvent, or paint.
  4. Take used motor oil to a service station or other location that collects used motor oil for recycling.

Check out other recycling tips at US EPA used oil management program.